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Welcome to Just Go Hydro

Just Go Hydro are hydro graphic, water transfer printing experts based in Essex offering the public and trade customers professional level water transfer services. We can practically transform anything that you want, with any picture covering or coating that you can imagine. We are based in Essex, but offer our services all over the world, read on for more details.

Professional water transfer equipment

So what is HydroGraphics?

Hydrographics, is also known as water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, immersion printing, hydro dipping or cubic printing and it is a method of applying various printed designs to almost any 3D object. The hydrographics process can be applied to metal, glass, plastic, hard wood and virtually any other element that can withstand submersion in water without damage.


Primered & base coated.
Preparing to lay graphics.
Removing bubbles & creases.
Applying graphic adhesive.
Ensuring full coverage.
Graphic applied perfectly.
Cleaning & drying transfer.
Ready for spraying.
Pre spray preparation.
Clear coat application.
Another quality finish.
Dried off & hardened.

The HydroGraphics Process

To start the process, the item that is to be printed on is thoroughly cleaned, sprayed with primer, sanded off & a base coat is applied. A polyvinyl alcohol film with the graphic image you require is then floated onto the surface of the water transfer machine. A chemical activator is then sprayed onto the vinyl film to liquidise it and to activate bonding properties to ensure adhesion.

The item is then slowly pushed and maneuvered through the floating ink layer on the surface to ensure equal coverage and the ink adheres and wraps around it. The item is then removed from the water, it's dried completely and a top coat of clear sealant is sprayed on to enhance and protect the design.

With water transfer printing we can achieve a full 360 degree coverage of the surface, all small curves and crevices are coated.


Hydro Graphics Videos

We've got a small selection of water transfer printing/hydro graphics videos for you to watch. It's an amazing process and with these, you can see for yourself just how much we can really change the look of anything that you want to dip.

Another carbon wing mirror!

Posted by Just Go Hydro on Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dipping the smart boot.

Posted by Just Go Hydro on Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm so happy with this BMW splitter!!

Posted by Just Go Hydro on Tuesday, May 19, 2015


What Does It Cost?

You've seen all of this and no doubt you've got an item that you'd love to see finished using water transfer hydro graphics, but how much does it cost? The cost varies depending on the finish and the amount of work involved, we are very reasonable and the more you want covered the better the value. If you would like to know more give us a call on 0178 747 3939 or 07515 399 809 or email us now via our contact us page, we'd love discuss your requirements and quote you for your job. If you are in a trade and want to talk about regular pricing, click on the trade page to find out more.